Michigan State University’s Online Food Safety Program Offers Continuing Education


The Michigan State University Online Food Safety Program offers continuing education opportunities with no degree commitment. They offer an on-campus executive education event and non-credit online courses for the varied needs of professionals in the food safety industry.

Executive training
The on-campus executive education program brings together food safety experts for an innovative discussion on how to create a culture of food safety in the workplace. This two-day discussion scheduled for June 14-16 will be moderated by Frank Yiannas, FDA Assistant Commissioner for Food Policy and Response and Adjunct Faculty Member at MSU. The program will also include a guest lecture by food safety lawyer Bill Marler, managing partner of Marler Clark LLP PS and publisher of Food Safety News.

Participants and speakers will engage in conversations about how to create a culture of food safety in the workplace using tools for reflection to determine how behavior change can influence an organization.

According to the event description, this is an opportunity for attendees to gain essential insight into the ever-changing food security environment and benefit from invaluable networking links with leaders from around the world. industry and regulation worldwide.

You can find more information or register for the program here.

Non-credit courses
MSU’s online food safety program also offers short, non-credit master’s-level courses for anyone interested in learning more about a new subject or in need of a refresher. These courses are taught at the university level with materials provided by MSU instructors.

At the end of a short course, students get a certificate of attendance and those who complete the course with a score of 90% or higher get a certificate of mastery.

Classes are 100% online, self-paced and flexible for working professionals.

There is no application or prior qualifications required. Those interested can find more information and see a full list of courses here.

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