Last headlines of the night in UK: gasoline panic, no universal credit U-turn and Christmas tree fears



Panic buying is causing “really serious problems” at gas stations, at least half of which say they have run out of fuel, according to an industry spokesperson.

Demand at a gas station rose 500% on Saturday compared to last week, with oil companies prioritizing highways due to a shortage of specialist tanker drivers, the Petrol Retailers Association (PRA) said.

Queues at stations continued Sunday for a third day despite assurances from Transportation Secretary Grant Shapps that there was “a lot” of fuel available.

But Brian Madderson, chairman of the PRA, said the government “was reluctant to admit” that supplies were stuck at refineries or storage depots and not being delivered to courtyards due to current supply problems.

The number of people crossing the English Channel almost doubles the 2020 record

Almost double the number of people who traveled across the Channel in 2021 compared to last year’s figures.

More than 16,400 people had made the dangerous journey so far this year in small boats on Friday, according to available official data from the Home Office compiled by the PA news agency.

Last year’s total was over 8,400, meaning this year’s figure to date is approaching double the 2020 total.

Other canal crossings were observed by PA over the weekend.

On Sunday, a border forces coastal patrol vessel was seen arriving in Dover full of people as well as a lifeboat with around 40 or 50 people, including families and young children, on board.

From 8 a.m. to 12:30 p.m., it is estimated that around 150 people arrived.

Retailers warn of Christmas tree shortage amid supply chain chaos

As the truck driver shortage continues to wreak havoc on supply chains across the UK, affecting everything from supermarkets to gas stations, Christmas tree retailers have become the latest industry to raise concerns before the holiday season.

The perfect Covid storm, Brexit and the number of retired drivers have all been cited as the causes of the problems, with the Road Haulage Association claiming that 100,000 additional heavy truck drivers are needed to meet demand in the UK.

It was previously reported that the UK could face a real shortage of Christmas trees as a result of these issues.

Families may think they can avoid the problem by purchasing an artificial tree, but Christow online store has warned that it might be easier said than done.

Josh Piercy told The Times that despite an order in January, only 60% of the artificial trees ordered by Christow have been supplied so far due to production issues at a factory in Asia.

Shapps announces £ 20 hike will end next month despite Rashford’s intervention

A Cabinet minister has said the increase in universal credit “will come to an end” despite an intervention by England football star Marcus Rashford urging the government to maintain the weekly increase of £ 20.

Rashford previously helped force Boris Johnson to turn around to withdraw free school meals during the holidays. He told the Sunday People: “Instead of cutting off life support, we should focus on building a long-term roadmap to get out of this pandemic of child hunger.

“On October 6, millions of people lose a lifeline. “

But the Manchester United striker’s appeal seemed to fall on deaf ears as Transport Secretary Grant Shapps repeated the Prime Minister’s claim that keeping the extra weekly £ 20 in the framework of the benefits package would require tax increases.

Mr Shapps told the BBC’s The Andrew Marr Show: ‘I think most people agree that if it’s introduced for the pandemic it’s going to end as we get back to people returning to work and to jobs. more normal times – we can’t just keep these things in place or you’d have to pay several cents in income tax to pay the policy.



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