Home credit review in October? be ready! Watch the simulations…


We live in a time of high prices and instability. In addition to energy, fuel and housing credit also, at maturity. A rise in interest rates.

Watch some home loan simulations and get ready for October.

Holders of mortgages that will be reviewed in October will feel the (massive) rise in interest rates felt since the beginning of the year. According to an article published by TVI, taxpayers benefiting from a housing loan covered by the "Família Primeiro" program, through which they will receive 125 euros from the State to face the general increase in prices, may not have not the time nor the possibility of making charges, if the housing loan is reassessed the following month.

The problem is high interest rates, precisely to fight inflation. Euribor prices are also on the rise.

Real estate loan - Simulation

The contracts reviewed in October that will be subject to the premium increase are those indexed to Euripur 12 months. For a loan of 150 thousand euros over a period of 30 years with a difference of 1% the premium will be increased by more than 40%. The holder of this contract has paid just over €449 per month since October 2021, but will now pay more than €633. The increase is more than 184 euros.

In indexed contracts Six-month EuriborIn addition, the height is expressive. In this credit, the premium has been just over €454 since April, but from October it will exceed €587 (i.e. an additional €133 per month).

In Euribor-indexed contracts with a duration of three months, the effect is less. The premium has been €466.17 since July and will increase to €546.74 from next month (additional €80 per month).


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