HFD announces the integration of CredCompare


Bakersfield, CA, December 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Healthcare Finance Direct (HFD) today announced its partnership with CredCompare, an AI-backed lending engine that delivers personalized financing offers at the point of sale. This partnership enables providers who use CredCompare to offer more than one financing solution to deliver HFD’s flexible financing solutions to patients with disputed credit histories.

“HFD was started because credit score alone is not the best indicator of a patient’s ability to pay for care,” said Tyler Johnson, CEO of HFD. “Our partnership with CredCompare is the easiest way for providers to help more of their patients access payment options over time, so they can afford their prescribed treatments. “

CredCompare is one of the leading healthcare loan aggregation platforms that provides a seamless application workflow for healthcare providers who offer multiple financing solutions. The integration of HFD with CredCompare enables providers to approve 100% of their patients by leveraging the strengths of their existing major lenders and HFD, thus expanding the accessibility of healthcare to millions of patients with credit at risk.

“HFD is on a mission to disrupt the patient finance industry,” said Luke Johnson, director of marketing and experience at HFD. “Our partnership with CredCompare accelerates our ability to help providers deliver affordable financing options to every patient, regardless of their credit rating. “

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HFD is the leading Buy Now, Pay Later platform for elective healthcare procedures. HFD provides an end-to-end solution that enables providers to approve 100% of their patients, without sacrificing their margins or the patient experience to traditional risk lenders. With recourse and non-recourse options, HFD is on a mission to disrupt the patient financing industry, so that every patient has affordable financing options for their healthcare, regardless of their credit rating.


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