Experts look into formula scams that parents can be tricked by


Experts urge parents to beware of formula scams as they circulate on the internet.

As Abbott announced that production of specialty formulas has restarted at its Michigan plant in Sturgis, tech experts are still warning parents about online scams and not to trust everything on the internet.

“It doesn’t take much to take photos of baby formula and then post them online to lure people in and get their money,” said tech expert Burton Kelso.

Kelso urges parents to check reviews, company history, track shipping numbers and use a credit card instead of a debit card when making these purchases.

“Receiving strange requests for gift cards for payment or even asking to be paid in cryptocurrency is definitely a sign that you should leave this website,” the tech expert said.

While families might be desperate to find formula for their children, Dr. Kristin Sohl says it’s always best to see your pediatrician.

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The doctor also insists on not hoarding supplies and thinking about other families who might be in need.

“A really important thing to think about, so buying what you need is a really difficult thing and yet something really important,” Sohl said.

Although it can be difficult to be patient, the FDA recently announced that more than one million boxes of infant formula will be imported from Mexico to meet the current shortage. Parents can expect to see shelves slowly filling up by July, experts say.

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