Experian outlines its ESG commitments by releasing new global reports focusing on financial inclusion, diversity and performance with a purpose


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Experian, the global information services company, today released two global reports reflecting its commitment to creating a better future for people and organizations around the world.

With a third of the world’s adult population lacking access to basic financial services, it’s critical that companies like Experian recognize their responsibility to help. Add to that the threat of inflation and increased economic pressures on households around the world, Experian’s mission to help people improve their financial health is more important than ever.

In the Report on improving financial healthExperian demonstrates how it can improve the financial health of millions of people around the world, through a combination of its core products, social innovation and community investment.

More than 134 million consumers use Experian’s free platform, giving them access to online services such as CreditExpert in the UK, Credit Tracker in the US and Serasa Free Score in Brazil, which can enable them to manage and improve their credit score. This is in addition to Experian Go – a consumer service launched this year that promotes financial inclusion and has helped more “credit invisible” consumers build their credit profiles.

Since inception of its United for Financial Health program two years ago, Experian and its NGO partners have connected with 87 million people. They are on track to reach the goal of 100 million by 2024.

Experian’s investments in social innovation products, supporting employee ideas designed to have a positive impact on society, have now reached 82 million people since 2013, and Experian employees have dedicated nearly 25,000 hours of their time in their local communities over the past 12 months.

More information on Experian’s environmental, social and governance objectives can be found in its Annual Report.

Also released today, Experian’s second global report Diversity Equity and Inclusion Reporta deep dive into its approach to diversity, equity and inclusion.

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