‘Cars to Work’ program to get auto insurance for those with a job


BOWLING GREEN Ky.-Here’s a service for anyone with a job looking for affordable car payments. It comes from the goodwill industries.

The “Cars to Work” program aims to remove obstacles to transport for people who have a job and also to work on building up credit. This program helps low-income people apply for affordable auto insurance, even if their credit rating is low.

As for requirements, you’ll need a valid Kentucky driver’s license, Social Security card, be employed for 90 days, and work at least 30 hours per week.

Program manager Katie Ramser says this is a game-changer and encourages those who meet the requirements to take advantage of the service.

“What we do for the program is we put in place secured auto loans for people who are approved, and the goodwill backs those loans with our funds that we get through the store and through our auction. automobile. This allows us to approve people who traditionally cannot be approved, so our main focus is on Kentuckians who are employed and have no or low credit scores, ”Ramser said.

For those who receive social security, fewer hours will meet the requirement. Applicants must also have stable housing for 90 days and $ 500 in the savings account for the down payment. Goodwill will be another $ 500.


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