Bankers promise easy access to credit in 2022


Nigerian banks under the auspices of the Bankers Committee have assured that access to credit will be much easier next year to help grow the country’s gross domestic product (GDP).

Coming out of a two-day retreat in Lagos, the chairman of the committee and governor of the Central Bank of Nigeria (CBN), Mr. Godwin Emefiele, declared that “the members therefore take this opportunity to inform Nigeria and the Nigerians. that this is an opportunity for us to start thinking about how to reset our economy, how to make our economy self-sufficient.

According to him, banks will do everything possible to facilitate access to credit for those who really want to develop the economy in the manufacturing sector, the agricultural sector, micro small and medium enterprises.

He added that the committee felt that it is necessary to ensure that the financial system is sufficiently resilient to be able to provide the necessary support for the growth of the Nigerian economy.

The governor of the CBN said that it is only when the output of the GDP exceeds the population growth that “we can begin to say that our citizens can begin to experience prosperity”.

The goal of the retreat, he said, is to make a final recap of all the problems that have arisen in the banking industry and the economy over the past year and to start thinking about how to proceed for 2022.

He said in order for members to fight their chest and say that there is sustainable inclusive growth in the country, the banks, together with the government, must do all they can to diversify the Nigerian economy and do their utmost. possible to reduce the unemployment rate in the country

“We will do all we can to reduce the poverty rate in our country. Believing that if we manage to diversify the economy, believe that if we manage to reduce unemployment and poverty in the country, then we can fight our chests and start saying that we have a safe country, ”he said. He underlines.


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