Artesian Water customers in Delaware get refunds


Artesian Water customers will receive credits on their water bills for the next four years to cover costs associated with operating the water company’s Llangollen wellfield in northern New Castle County.

The Delaware Sand & Gravel Trust, which is responsible for remediating discharge from a former landfill designated as a Superfund site by the US Environmental Protection Agency, has agreed in a settlement to reimburse Artesian for the $10 million invested. in the processing technologies and operations of the Llangollen Well Estate since 2013.

With approval from the Delaware Public Service Commission on Monday, settlement proceeds can now be credited to Artesian Water Company Inc. customers who bore the bulk of the expenses associated with maintaining the wellfield, according to a press release.

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Customers active on September 30 will receive a $27 credit on their next water bill by October 31. Similar credits will be issued to active customers as of July 31 in 2023, 2024 and 2025.

“Without the need for costly litigation, the Trust has accepted responsibility not only for costs already incurred, but also for those to be incurred as a result of activities at the site, ensuring that Artesian’s customers will not bear this burden in their water bills,” Nicholle R. Taylor, president of Artesian Water Company, said in the statement.

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The settlement is reimbursement for Artesian Water treatment systems carried out at its North New Castle County wellfield in Llangollen to ensure the water meets all state and federal drinking water standards.

Delaware Sand & Gravel operated a gravel pit until 1968, then a landfill from 1968 to 1976 at a site north of the Llangollen wellfield between Routes 13 and 9 in northern New Castle County. Discharges from the old landfill have impacted groundwater quality in the area, prompting the EPA to designate the site Superfund as well as the need for Artesian Water to install various forms of treatment to protect the drinking water quality.

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The Sand & Gravel Trust will continue to remediate the Superfund site to prevent further migration of contaminants from the landfill to the wellfield and will reimburse Artesian for all future operational costs associated with operating the field’s treatment systems. Llangollen Catchment.

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