10 Highest Credit Scores For Small Cap Cannabis Companies, According To Viridian Cannabis Credit Tracker


Last week, we introduced and illustrated the Viridian Cannabis Credit Tracker with multi-state operators over $ 1 billion by market cap.

  • The green line shows the ranking of companies on our Leverage Index which is the most powerful of the four sets of variables used to calculate credit score. The Viridian Leverage Index uses a combination of balance sheet, cash flow and market value variables. The use of market value variables makes the credit rating more sensitive to changes between publications of financial statements.

  • The rating system ranks MariMed (OTC: MRMD) as the best credit in the group. This shows a huge improvement for this company, which seemed close to insolvency just a year ago. MariMed now ranks first in terms of liquidity and leverage.

  • The lowest ranking credit, MedMen, is quite simply in the top ten. It has a low ranking for leverage, but has reasonable short-term liquidity and also the largest size (measured by assets and market capitalization).

The Viridian Capital Chart of the Week highlights key investment, valuation, and M&A trends from the Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker.

The Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker is a proprietary information service that monitors capital raising and mergers and acquisitions in the legal cannabis and hemp industry. Each week, the Tracker aggregates and analyzes all transactions and segments concluded, each according to key metrics:

  • Industry sector (one of 12 sectors, from culture to brands)

  • Dollar value of the transaction

  • Region in which the transaction took place (country or US state)

  • Status of the company announcing the transaction (Public vs. Private)

  • Structure of the transaction (equities vs debt)

  • Key terms of the transaction (pricing and evaluation)

The Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker provides the market information that cannabis companies, investors and acquirers use to make informed decisions regarding capital allocation and M&A strategy.

Since its inception in 2015, Viridian Cannabis Deal Tracker has tracked and analyzed over 2,500 capital raisings and 1,000 M&A transactions totaling over $ 50 billion in aggregate value.

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