Tree Surgeon

Tree Surgeons v. The Average Gardener

Owning a property with a garden that requires full time care and attention can be a minefield of which tools to use, which products to buy, the best time of year to cut back and prune to ensure happy, healthy trees and plants.

Every year, there will be scores of home owners who ‘give it a go’, often to the detriment of the tree/plant/shrubs (and possibly even themselves!).  A good tree surgeon chepstow will have access to the right equipment and tools, and will know how to use them in a correct, safe manner.

Qualified Tree Surgeons are skilled, knowledgeable craftsmen who take pride in their work and the services that they have to offer.

Not only do they provide an invaluable service where trees are concerned, they will also have the expertise in shrubs, plants and hedges thus ensuring the outdoor space is always picture perfect.

You may be looking at a tree right now, thinking how hard can it be to cut it back?  A tree surgeon won’t have this question, but instead will prune accordingly, to get the best out of the tree and to ensure longevity.   With expertise a skilled Tree Surgeon can prune a tree to make it work for you and your garden.  This can range from tree thinning, thus allowing more natural light, to advising that the tree is removed and replaced with a variety much more suited to its location and surroundings.

So, once you’ve spent the weekend pruning, you’ll be left with that mountain of garden waste to dispose of.  Perhaps you do have access to a local tip site, but this does mean loading up your vehicle with chopped up branches and leaves etc.  Perhaps you have a garden that is big enough to accommodate a garden fire, and neighbours that are nice enough to allow it?  The simplest option is to talk to your Tree Surgeon, as most will remove the garden waste as part of the job.

What do I look for in a Tree Surgeon?

I’m guessing there are people in the world that may pass themselves off as Tree Surgeons, they may have adequate knowledge, but are they qualified; do they have the right insurance?  Here are a few pointers to consider:

Are they qualified? All tree surgeons should be qualified in tree climbing and in the use of the tools/equipment.

Are they insured? Tree surgery can be a dangerous occupation, considering the height, size, and location of the trees and the tools that are used.  It is not unreasonable to ask a tree surgeon to present you with their insurance certificates.

Can they legally dispose of the garden waste? Tree Surgeons require a waste carrier licence to allow them to remove your garden waste legally.  As with the insurance, ask if you can see proof of the license.

All in all, make sure you are happy with your choice; ask if they have a portfolio they can show you, maybe a website or photographs of recent work.  It’s always worth doing the research!

So in essence, rather than having a go which could be timely, costly and not give the end result that you envisaged, contact your local Tree Surgeon and let them take care of the rest.